Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Childhood Obesity Education - What We All Must Lear Now

Childhood obesity education is necessary and should be a major part of parenting. Every parent should be arming themselves about what to do about this disturbing worldwide trend. Obesity in childhood is a very alarming worldwide epidemic which is expected to continue growing. Childhood obesity can be defined as any child with an excessively high amount of body fat. With a little education, children and adults can become knowledgeable about this subject and how to combat the problem.

There are many factors, educational, emotional, physical and environmental which play a role in obesity. These factors can play an important role in diverting children away from obesity. It does not mean that educated children are healthy and unhealthy children are uneducated. It simply implies that the better educated we are about this subject (childhood obesity), the better we will be at making healthy decisions for our children.

Childhood obesity can be addressed in multiple ways. Government action is very essential which promotes equal opportunities for both the children and the family regardless of the demographics. The Governments primary role should be giving everyone equal access to information and resources. Public awareness campaigns funded by government is the first step.The government should also provide physical activities for the obese children as well as information dissemination regarding obesity.

Childhood obesity education begins with the parents. The behavior of the parents affects the behaviors of their children. Education starts from the way their parents discipline their children. Good parenting means taking time to learn about nutrition and the effects of poor nutritional choices It should include how to avoid obesity, what are the causes and its harmful effects. So, the parents must be well informed, since they are the ones in direct contact with the child. There is a correlation between low education and poor nutritional choices. Low education tends toward low income. With low income, food choices are based on getting the most for your money. This usually leads to low quality food choices. This explains the prevalence of childhood obesity in poor communities..


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