Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Benefits Of Using Early Childhood Care

There are many reasons why families choose to enrol their preschool children in a childcare centre. Some need to use early childhood care because both parents work and there is no one else to care for their preschool aged children. Others take advantage of the opportunity to get some time out during the day to pursue their own interests, knowing that their children are in safe hands for a few hours. Many parents also see the benefits of using early childhood education for their children as a preparation for school and life.

Studies show that quality childcare services are beneficial to children in cognitive and social ways. Researchers that have followed children from a young age to high school have seen that there are long lasting benefits which last into the high school years. Some of the key factors affecting results in these studies are quality interactions between staff and children, access to plenty of books and other literacy materials in the centre and a wide selection of learning activities.

The best early childhood care is an extension of the child's own home. There should be a relatively seamless transfer between the two venues, with the young person feeling comfortable in the learning centre and happy with the people who work there. Staff training is crucial in the early childhood environment, as are staff ratios. Staff members in these centres need to understand how children learn. They also need to know about the importance of building on the interests of the child.

Parents who are seeking early childhood care for their preschoolers need to make wise decisions about the centres they choose. Fortunately, there are a wide range of options available. It's a good idea to visit a few before deciding. When the quality of education in these centres is high, preschool children will have opportunities to see words, letters and numbers as an enjoyable daily experience. There will be a wide range of quality educational equipment available and there will obviously be plenty of trained staff around. Children will look happy, busy and engaged in their activities. The environment for family members will also be supportive, helping everyone to feel comfortable with an arrangement which can be overwhelming to children and parents at first.

The social and cognitive benefits for children in early childhood care include growing up as competent and confident learners who communicate well and have a secure sense of belonging. The development programmes in good early childhood facilities aim to observe children regularly, evaluate their needs and plan further activities based on these observations. This means the programmes are individualised to each child, which is another great benefit of considering early childhood education for your preschoolers.

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